Is this Britain’s most disturbing pie? The pastry product filled with CRICKETS


A pie firm has launched a cricket pie ahead of British Pie Week.

Bosses at Pieminister experimented with scorpion and giant water bug pies before settling on cricket pie, which it calls The Hopper.

A spokesman for the firm, which was set up in Bristol in 2003, said it was inspired by Mexican street food, where crickets are often served up to hungry punters.

They mixed the crickets with black beans and a ‘rich tomato, chipotle chilli and sour cream sauce’ before finishing it off with fresh lime and coriander.

A spokesman said: “Insects could become a regular feature on western menus in the future as they’re a green and sustainable protein source compared to other meats.

The pie is made from crickets (Photo: Rex)

“As pie-makers it’s important we look ahead and explore how we can keep on creating great pies in a sustainable and responsible way, so we thought we’d see what our faithful pie eaters make of this future-food in a pie.

“We’ve all tried a few Hoppers in the kitchens here and I have to say, we’re all cricket converts now at Pieminister.

“As we always use free range British meat, we were keen to apply the same principles when sourcing edible insects for The Hopper.

“It was tricky to source British crickets, so our crickets have been farm-raised in Europe and supplied by Crunchy Critters who source their insects from ethical suppliers whose sustainable stocks have been organically fed.

“We did experiment with some other edible insects – including Black Scorpion and Giant Water Bugs – but both seemed a bit too ‘Bush Tucker Trial’ for the Hopper.”

Pie fan Scott Eades, 41, of Edinburgh, Scotland, said: “I like my pie to have steak or chicken in it, not some crunchy cricket.

“If I wanted to eat bugs I’d go into my garden and turn over a few rocks.”


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