Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Gorgeous blondes

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9 child stars who quit acting for ‘normal’ jobs, from Matilda to Chunk

- We think it's fair to say that a lot of children dream of being actors. Just ask our long-suffering drama teachers how many precocious brats they had to watch pretending to be dogs every...

Blondes in Bikinis

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Sexy Bikinis

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Why The Young Pope Was an Unexpected Victory for HBO

Why The Young Pope Was an Unexpected Victory for HBO Jude Law as the Young Pope. Before it launched, HBO executives didn’t have particularly high hopes for The Young Pope, either in terms of critical reaction...

Dog Escapes Shelter and Runs Miles to Find Volunteer He Only Met Once

A shelter worker named Abbey made a special effort to reach out to an extremely shy shelter dog named Ted, and the results were extraordinary. Abbey tried to take Ted for a walk, but...

10 Bad Episodes Of Otherwise Perfect TV Shows Because even the greatest television shows...

- Paramount Whilst undertaking the painstaking research this piece involved (basically I sat in my pants watching YouTube for a few hours) I came to one important conclusion: there's been a glut of truly great television...

Sensual Ladies

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